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I'd like to welcome you to my homepage dedicated to my professional life as an observing astrophysicist. I work on the centers of nearby galaxies, trying to observe and understand the immediate surroundings of the supermassive black holes (SMBH) that lurk there. Many of these SMBH actively accrete material from their surroundings creating "bright fireworks" that can be observed all throughout the electromagnetic spectrum.

Here you will not only find all relevant information about me and my research but I will also post once in a while interesting information I encounter during my work.

Please feel free to contact me in case of questions or directly comment on my entries!


Here is the gallery of AGN in the mid-infrared atlas (Asmus et al. 2014). Click on individual optical (DSS) images to see the mid-infrared information on the corresponding object...

1H 0419-5771RXS J112716.6+1909142MASX J03565655-40414532MASX J09180027+0425066
3C 293C 333C 783C 93
3C 983C 1053C 1203C 135
3C 2273C 2643C 2733C 285
3C 2933C 3053C 3173C 321
3C 3273C 3533C 3823C 390.3
3C 4033C 4243C 4453C 449
3C 4523C 4594C +73.08Ark 120
Cen ACircinusCygnus AESO 5-4
ESO 33-2ESO 103-35ESO 121-28ESO 138-1
ESO 141-55ESO 198-24ESO 209-12ESO 253-3
ESO 263-13ESO 286-19ESO 297-18ESO 323-32
ESO 323-77ESO 362-18ESO 416-2ESO 420-13
ESO 428-14ESO 500-34ESO 506-27ESO 511-30
ESO 548-81ESO 602-25Fairall 9Fairall 49
Fairall 51Fornax AH 0557-385H1143-182
Hydra AIC 883IC 1459IC 3639
IC 4329AIC 4518WIC 5063III Zw 35N
IRAS 00188-0856IRAS 01003-2238IRAS 04103-2838IRAS 05189-2524
IRAS 08572+3915IRAS 09149-6206IRAS 11095-0238IRAS 13349+2438
IRAS 15250+3609I Zw 1LEDA 13946LEDA 170194
LEDA 178130LEDA 549777M51aM81
MCG-6-30-15MR 2251-178Mrk 3Mrk 266NE
Mrk 266SWMrk 304Mrk 509Mrk 520
Mrk 573Mrk 590Mrk 841Mrk 897
Mrk 915Mrk 926Mrk 937Mrk 1014
Mrk 1018Mrk 1239NGC 34NGC 235A
NGC 253NGC 424NGC 454ENGC 526A
NGC 612NGC 613NGC 676NGC 788
NGC 985NGC 1052NGC 1068NGC 1097
NGC 1144NGC 1194NGC 1275NGC 1365
NGC 1386NGC 1433NGC 1553NGC 1566
NGC 1614NGC 1667NGC 1808NGC 2110
NGC 2623NGC 2992NGC 3081NGC 3094
NGC 3147NGC 3166NGC 3169NGC 3185
NGC 3227NGC 3281NGC 3312NGC 3368
NGC 3379NGC 3393NGC 3486NGC 3521
NGC 3607NGC 3623NGC 3627NGC 3628
NGC 3660NGC 3690ENGC 3690WNGC 3718
NGC 3783NGC 3982NGC 3998NGC 4051
NGC 4074NGC 4111NGC 4138NGC 4151
NGC 4235NGC 4258NGC 4261NGC 4278
NGC 4303NGC 4374NGC 4388NGC 4395
NGC 4418NGC 4438NGC 4457NGC 4472
NGC 4501NGC 4507NGC 4579NGC 4593
NGC 4594NGC 4636NGC 4698NGC 4736
NGC 4746NGC 4785NGC 4941NGC 4945
NGC 4992NGC 5005NGC 5033NGC 5135
NGC 5252NGC 5258NGC 5273NGC 5347
NGC 5363NGC 5427NGC 5506NGC 5548
NGC 5643NGC 5728NGC 5813NGC 5866
NGC 5953NGC 5995NGC 6221NGC 6240N
NGC 6240SNGC 6251NGC 6300NGC 6810
NGC 6814NGC 6860NGC 6890NGC 7130
NGC 7172NGC 7212NGC 7213NGC 7314
NGC 7469NGC 7479NGC 7496NGC 7552
NGC 7582NGC 7590NGC 7592WNGC 7626
NGC 7674NGC 7679NGC 7743PG 0026+129
PG 0052+251PG 0844+349PG 2130+099Pictor A
PKS 1417-19PKS 1814-63PKS 1932-46PKS 2158-380
PKS 2354-35Superantennae SUGC 5101UGC 12348

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